80 Proof Divers

More than just SCUBA, it’s a lifestyle

80 Proof Divers is a group of SCUBA divers that try to dive as much as possible. We are always looking for more dive sites to explore, more adventures and more fun times.

In the past, we were having some difficulty in finding dive buddies and new places to explore. The dive stores were offering dive boats and trips but seemed to be on the same boats, going to the same old dive sites. We were thinking that the ocean is a big place and why are we going to the same places over and over again when exploring the aquatic realm is what allured us to this sport of SCUBA diving in the first place. We needed a solution. We, as a group, made a solution and now we just go diving, all the time!

Our group was growing as more people meet us over the years until one day somebody asked us what dive club we are from. Well that got us thinking while having a few beers one evening, why don’t we start a club? We decided to be a “group” as dive club would imply that we would have to do some paper work with the state to be legit, and we really hate doing paper work. So we started chartering dive boats, assembling dive trips and just going anywhere that seemed to be interesting and fun.

Well to get to the point, 80 Proof Divers is just some people just like you, diver or not, that likes to just go places, meet new people, explore the world (on a budget) and just have fun doing it!

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